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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 153

by gandara

Translated by Boko | Edited by Pyrenose and Sebas Tian

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Tutorial 26th Floor (4)

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The next morning, I followed Seregia, who came by the lodge to pick me up, and we went to the magic circle located within the castle.

There were several magicians at the location of the magic circle as well as dozens of guards, but when she showed them some sort of identification, they authorized the use of the magic circle without much fuss.

"Please take this, Warrior," Seregia said, giving me a paper bag.

"This is for you to throw up into."

"Throw up into this?"

"Yes. If you use the teleportation magic circle to travel, you'll lose your sense of balance and feel extremely dizzy. At that time, if you feel nauseous, vomit into this."

I didn't think I'd feel dizzy and vomit, but I said that I understood.

In the past, on a trip on a cruise ship, they had given me a plastic bag. It was the same kind of feeling.

It just so happened to have rained that day, accompanied by high waves, so there was the ceaseless sound of vomiting in the auditorium.

My nephew had held onto his plastic bag and vomited like crazy.

Because of the unpleasantly sour smell filling the cruise ship, I had almost gotten motion sickness…

Let's stop it with the nauseating thoughts.

"Please don't be so tense and do not resist against it by drawing from your mana pool."

Seregia's additional request was simultaneously accompanied by the activation of the magic circle.

The mana started to move, shone, and I was transported.

It wasn't much different from the portal in the stage's waiting room.

It was a little different in terms of comfort, but it was a feeling I had become accustomed to.

The transported location's weather was a bit gloomy.

It was a complete contrast to the clear and bright weather from before.

Also . . .


Seregia was vomiting heavily.

She had turned her head, but the vomiting sounds that she was making were so graphic that I could picture them in my head.

I felt a few goosebumps.

After Seregia had calmed down a little and gargled some water in her mouth, she approached me and started talking.

"Hoo, I heard that citrus tea definitely helps with motion sickness."

That was the first time I had heard something like that.

"Those are groundless rumors," I said.

Of course, that's probably the case.

"As a result, I got to see the sparsely dappled white citron flowers mixed in the yellow gastric fluid. It was really unpleasant."

"Why exactly are you explaining that to me?"

"Let's, let's go, Warrior. It's this way."

I followed Seregia's lead.

Beyond the walls, there was a battle going on, so it was noisy; inside of the walls, there were soldiers busily running around while we were going towards the watchtower, but no one restrained Seregia.

"You seem to know the geography of the area quite well."

Seregia hadn't stopped even once, hadn't wavered, and continued walking.

"Yes. That's because when I was on vacation, I would occasionally come here."

"Why would you come here?"

"I came to watch the battle."

She talked about it like she was going to the movie theaters on the weekend.  

"Because of that, we were permitted to use the teleportation magic circle without any misgivings. The soldiers probably won't even a bat an eye if they see me," Seregia said, laughing amusingly.

I felt that her words were odd.

So she didn't make a formal request to come here.

"Ah, in your case, Warrior, I will just tell them that you're my valet, so they will let you pass easily. Of course, there's no way that someone of the Kunon Knight Order would have a valet, but people don't know much about the Kunon Knight Order."

"Is that so? Rather, don't they know well that the Kunon Knight Order is a peculiar knight order?"

"No. In general, they aren't even aware of its existence. My identification only has a mark stating that I am a knight belonging to the royal family, but there's no mark for the Kunon Knight Order. The Kunon Knight Order is pretty much an invisible man socially."

"I suppose. Depending on the situation that can be an advantage."

She meant that nobody paid attention to them and nobody would touch them. Although they were considered invisible men, for some reason, I felt completely fine with that.

"Yes. As long as we don't make any noticeable mistakes, nobody will care about what we do. Because of that, my wallet is always full."

Yes…how nice.

It was the same when she had talked about her wealth being seized, but Seregia looks like she doesn't have any interest in worldly affairs and seems quite snobbish.

Seregia had led me through the fortress, arriving at the watchtower above the rampart.

Seregia spoke whilst hanging up a 'no trespassing' sign at the entrance of the watchtower.

"This is my secret spot. The watchtower isn't used because it's far too forward and it's within range of enemy magicians.  The entrance is also in a corner. It's just the thing for looking around unnoticed."

The watchtower does indeed have a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

The battle was in full swing beyond the walls.

"I didn't know a battle was going on. Should we go and help?"

"It's fine, Warrior. You see our forces over there? Those are all golems."

Taking a closer look, the soldiers on the walls that were fighting the demons weren't humans, but golems.

The golems were around 2 meters tall and had sturdy builds. Although their movements looked a bit slow, they wouldn't stop moving until they were completely destroyed.

Although the Demons’ soldiers seemed both wild and ferocious, the golems weren't pushed back and continued to hold their own.

"Those golems are summoned and managed by magicians. We don't lose much if they're destroyed, so you don't have to worry about it too much."

So, they aren't guarding the fort from atop the wall, but rather, they're summoning and controlling the golems from up there.

"They don't normally get pushed back to the front of the fort. But in the case that that happens, we cannot stay in this watchtower, since it would be dangerous."

Seregia finished explaining and took something out from under the platform in the corner.

They were snacks.

"Would you like some?"

Seregia calmly offered the hidden snacks to me.

I have a hunch that she might've hidden alcohol somewhere too.

"…No, I'll just continue to watch."

After I refused her offer, Seregia calmly started to eat her snacks alone.

What an unusual person.

It might be strange for me of all people to call her that, but Seregia was really strange.


The battle was progressing smoothly.

The golems were on the offensive, but they were being noticeably pushed back. After hearing that it wasn't much of a loss even if they were destroyed, I saw the progress of the battle differently.

At any rate, the humans with mana to spare used it to hold back the enemy.

With that much, I could say that it was an effective harassment.

While the golems put up a good fight against the Demons' soldiers, they were being steadily brought down one by one.

"Do they not have any defense against magic?"

"Yes. Since they're golems, even if the enemy magicians only cast Dispel on them, the golems will easily crumble. They're also weak to large-scale magic. However, from the start, magicians can't be too far from the golems, and they'll eventually turn back into a pile of rocks when their time is up. They're just low-rank golems, so I think they're doing plenty enough."

But if you just intercept the magicians, I think you'll have much more significant results.

The Demons' soldiers alone wouldn't be able to take on the golems and they'll be pushed back. Then, they'll naturally have to abandon their position and they might even have to retreat.

I don't know much about the battle, but their retreat would definitely be a favorable outcome.

I organized my thoughts and called the snack-eating Seregia.

"Lady Seregia, could you explain to me where the Demon King is located again, please?"

Seregia took out a map from her bag and started explaining.

"There is a ceremony being performed to summon the Demon King at the top of this mountain. It's west of here, so…it's that mountain over there."

There was a ghastly energy surging into the sky from the mountaintop that Seregia had mentioned.

It would be difficult to notice it immediately since it was so far away, but once I concentrated I could feel that ominous energy.

"This is the fort's current location. And here and here are the strategic points for the Demons. And here, there's an occupied fort. Also, beyond that fort, there are the plains where we've gotten reports that several new villages have been created. There are at least 20 of them."

Seregia briefly caught her breath and continued her explanation.

"The Demons' reproductive rate is extremely fast. That's why they're capable of doing something crazy like summoning the Demon King. There are probably soldiers that have just been birthed from those new villages stationed around here. We haven't gotten any reports on their exact location, so we don't really know. Also, if you follow this river, there might be a few guard posts. We haven't gotten any reports, but I think I heard that they're transporting their supplies down the river.”

Seregia explained the important points around the fort and the mountains using the map .

While I only honestly needed to know where the mountaintop where the Demon King was being summoned was, the contents were very detailed so I listened attentively.

Although I felt bad for Seregia, I didn't come here to sight-see.

I think I should just take care of the Demon King while I'm here.

And take care of all the demons that get in my way.

"Lady Seregia."

I stood up and called for Seregia.

"Yes. Do you want some snacks?"

"…No. I'm sorry, but please wait here, Lady Seregia."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going up to the mountaintop where the Demon King is being summoned."

"That's reckless."

She left the crevice in the watchtower and responded.

"I personally don't think so."

I launched myself out of the watchtower and dropped to the ground.

On the way, I activated my Talaria's Wings and flew towards the battlefield.

Originally, I had planned to use Soul Cry to gather up all the enemies in the surrounding area and killing them before heading to the Demon King.

However, contrary to my expectations, Seregia had, without any prior notice, brought me here.

In this situation, if I used Soul Cry rashly, allies would be caught in it as well.

Invoking the Soul Cry, Soul Siphon, Talaria's Wings, and Indomitable skills had one weakness: they didn’t differentiate between friend and foe.

Soul Cry affects who I perceive as my enemy and the person who perceives me as an enemy. If I used it improperly, the commander here might send his troops to attack me.

So, there were two methods available for me to use all my strength.

One was using Seregia to tell the commander about my existence.

This seems like it'd be a real hassle.

He'd start with asking why I'm here and then he'd lecture me about how I'd messed with the schedule and talk about how I can't move arbitrarily or maybe even talk about how I can't just secretly hide in the watchtower.

That plan had more than just one or two problems.

It would waste a lot of time too.

The second method was much simpler.

Just make all the battlefield's commanders and soldiers aware of me, that I'm on their side.

At the very least, that I'm an enemy of the Demons.

I flew in the air and I verified the Demon Magicians' location.

They still hadn't noticed me flying above them.

When one of the magicians uttered an incantation, I quickly descended and tore through him.

My fingertips had pierced through his chest, killing him, and I leapt back into the air once more.

I found my next target and ambushed him.

This time, while I was flying around, I struck the side of a magician's face.

The magician's head violently twisted, breaking his neck, and killing him.

I flew back into the sky again.

I repeated this a few times and cut down their numbers one by one, so the enemy should notice me soon.

I descended again and aimed for my next target.

Perhaps the enemy commander became aware of me since the magic flew towards me all at once.

However, the magic projectiles weren't really that fast.

There weren't that many of them either.

I easily evaded them one by one and approached my target.

"Flame Strike."

The magician right in front of me cast his magic.

Since we were really close, instead of evading it, I roughly blocked it with my wings. After, I reached my hand out and grabbed his neck.

I once again flew up into the air.

The Demons' soldiers attempted to catch me, their magic constantly flying at me.

I stopped rising up into the air when I got out of the range of their magic.

I broke the neck of the magician I was holding onto and dropped his body to the ground.

This should be enough.

The magicians, which were the ones deciding the battle, were no more.

I killed the enemy's key force, their magicians, the ones deciding the battle.

In just a short time, I had killed 10 enemy magicians.

It's definitely a result that could turn the tides of the battle.

Also, there was the magic that the enemy magicians had fired at me simultaneously to intercept me.

I had definitely caught both sides' soldiers attention.

Above the fortress, the commanders on the human side who were watching over the battlefield must've seen the magicians.

Now, rather than them perhaps seeing me as an enemy, they will no longer be caught up in my skills.

I felt that this too was bothersome but it turned out better than I had expected.

Against the large amount of enemies, I continuously dropped from the sky and attacked like a bird of prey. Picking off their forces from a long-distance was a totally new experience.

However, now it was time for my style.

The ceremonies from yesterday morning to now were just one day but it was difficult to endure.

I descended once more.

This time, I didn't aim for the magician. I simply landed onto the ground.

As I landed, Demon soldiers from all around crowded around me.



[Soul Cry]


I used Soul Cry and started the fight.

My destination: the mountaintop where the Demon King is being summoned.

My target: everything around the Demon King's location.

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