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Max Level Newbie 118

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by Jane

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There was no reason not to like it.

He smiled from ear to ear and approached Poir, an ancient predator.

While approaching, he stepped upon mushy debris of chimeras, but didn’t give a damn.

Any number of these chimeras could be created.

It was unfortunate that two of the three new types of chimeras were not able to survive, given the specimen he got, it was no big deal.


‘Almost Player rate… no, more that that,’


Ancient predator, Anglerfish.

It was a rare species that could not be found across the whole dimension.

In addition, this being in front of his eyes was a mutation that was elevated to a very high level.

There were a lot of things to study.

The most interesting part was the predation abilities.

As mysterious and immersive as a Player's level abilities.

From the point of being able to be strong without limit, there was a great possibility.

The elderly man burst into laughter again.

He was so excited that he looked like he was going to dance.


“Hehe… Weren’t you cooped into the city? Haha!”


Like that, after laughing for a while, he motioned with his hand and manipulated chimeras.

The survived chimeras were busy and cleaned up the traces of the battle, and the biggest of them approached Poir, who was unconscious.

Just like a boa constrictor, the chimera swallowed him whole.

The elderly man praised the chimera, patting him on the back, then left, thinking to himself.


‘After studying predation abilities… If only I could apply them to my body…’


If that were possible, he would also be strong enough to reach Act 3 beyond Act 2.

Going through the ground tunnel, he had a smile playing about his lips, then said.


“I have to think of my wish,”




“Please turn back Earth’s time to the time before I moved to the Rubel continent,”


Looking at Vulcan speaking with a decisive look, Hokulrus said.


“Did I say that the world was destroyed by invasion? I've seen a lot of people struggling to save their world, but it's the first time I’ve seen making all of the damage disappear,”

“Is it possible?”

Vulcan was worried that it would be impossible to make that wish.

Hokulrus answered, as if to say there’s nothing to worry about.


“Of course, possible. The Greatest God will grant your wish. Every wish is possible unless it is to kill somebody. In a second… I will pass along your wish to the Greatest God,”


Hokulrus then closed his eyes.

Vulcan looked at him with a strangely nervous feeling, and Hokulrus opened his eyes in less than a minute.


“Now it will soon be fulfilled. It will take about half a day. Until then, dimensional cross is not possible, so get some rest here,”




Vulcan, who listened to his words, poured out his breath.

He then walked around the temple as if he did not know what to do with his trembling heart.

He wanted to go to his own home, the earth.

It was hard to bear.

The Blue Dragon and Blue Wind, who were staring at Vulcan, talked to him.


“Don’t go around flippantly. Sit still and have a cup of tea,”


Blue Wind still talked roughly, although Vulcan became a godly being.

Vulcan also didn’t care much about that and talked back.


“Yes, that’s a good idea. By the way, since when have you been here?”

“Just came. Wanted to say thank you before you leave,”

“Say thank you?”


The first time that Blue Dragon expressed gratitude.

With a surprised look on his face, Vulcan scanned Blue Dragon using SYSTEM.


[The Blue Dragon and Blue Wind]



‘Broke through the wall!’


“You broke through the wall! Were my vitality beads helpful?”

“Yeah, thanks. Yours was incomparably better than others,”


Looking at his face slightly different from the usual cold and tight expression, Vulcan could see that he was in a very good mood.

Vulcan said.


“That’s great. So did you come to take the test?”

“No, not yet. I have not digested your beads yet,”

“Then, why…?”

“I told you earlier. To say thank you,”



Vulcan got muddled.


Blue Wind clicked his tongue and pulled out something.

A book.

On the cover was nicely handwritten, “fresh summoning sake”.

Blue Wind threw it at Vulcan and, with saucer eyes, Vulcan snatched it away.


“A farewell gift,”


“Now that you have become a godly being, you can use it,”

“... thank you. I didn’t think you would give it for free,”


“I was joking. Thank you,”


Vulcan raised his hands to stop Blue Wind approaching.

They exchanged jokes for a while, then Vulcan checked his reward for the shortest period clear.


[The Shortest Period Act 2 Clear Additional Reward]

  1. Dimensional Cross’s Cooling Time Reduced 1 year > 1 week

  2. Scan Ability Advanced (the more you focus, the closer you can see)


A brief note.

Vulcan, who checked the additional rewards, had a brighter look.

He liked both of them.


‘Better than useless, battle-related rewards,’


The time burden of going back and forth between the earth and Asgard was greatly reduced.

He was going to stop off in Act 1 to make reports to Filder and 6 zones and meet his best friend, Jake. Since the cooling time was a week, he thought of going more frequently.

He was not sure about the second reward, but when he tried using it to Blue Wind, he thought it was quite okay.


[The Blue Dragon and Blue Wind]


[Character: Good but cold-hearted]

[Potentiality: Good]

*Have a strong power. Will soon rise to the rank of god.

*Have a favorable impression of you.


More detailed than earlier one.

It was a great merit that he could know the favorability for him and the basic personality of his opponent.

Vulcan had to live an ordinary life among the people of Earth going forward.

As he was planning not to solve everything by force there, he thought the second reward would be useful for dealing with people.


‘Well, I have a problem dealing with people after all…’


Because he had only been fighting for hundreds of years.

Vulcan shook off the thought, then talked about a variety of subjects with Blue Wind, Hokulrus and Hornus.

The various knowledge that he had not known so far accumulated upon the head of Vulcan, and it was time to return.

Half a day passed.

Vulcan, who got ready to leave, said farewell to them.


“I’m going now,”


A quick farewell.

Since they would perhaps see each other going forward, there was no one who gave him a sad look.

Hornus, who was quiet, suddenly opened his mouth.


“You know that as the earth time has been turned back, there should also be no invasion by the Devil’s army. However, you have to prepare for that. Of course, it probably won’t be a problem even if the Devil comes...”


After a pause, Hornus continued, stroking his beard.


“Think beforehand and be sure not to repeat the damage again,”

“Ah… Yes. Thank you,“


Hornus reached out his hand to shake hands with Vulcan.


“Good bye. Well, if you ever change your mind and want to go to Act 3…”

“Okay, haha,”


“Maybe, after 500 years,’


Vulcan looked at each one in turn, Hokulrus, Hornus, and Blue Dragon and Blue Wind.

He used the Dimensional Cross Teleportation Technique, then disappeared in an instant.

They watched the place where Vulcan had left without words.

Blue Dragon broke the silence and talked to Hokulrus.


“Hokulrus? What is the test about?”

“Nope. I’m not supposed to let you know now…”


Hokulrus muttered quietly.


‘What a loser…’




‘I will never grow used to this feeling,’


He felt as if he was throwing off his body and letting his spirit drift in an infinite space.

It seemed that he would never be used to this strange sensation even if he would repeat hundreds of times going forward.

If there were a little differences from the past, he felt more lucid and clear.

He assumed that as his rank got much higher, his ego also got stronger.


‘It was better when I felt foggy,’


When he used the Dimensional Cross Teleportation Technique for the first time, he had felt helf drunk so the time had felt short but not now.


The process felt more vivid.

The time felt more boring and long.

Vulcan grumbled, waiting to arrive in the earth.

After some time.

Vulcan felt that his spirit was being sucked into a certain place, and soon he stepped on the land of the Republic of Korea.

Asphalt Concrete pavements.

High-rise apartment buildings.

Elementary school students that surrounded Vulcan with their mouths open.




His home, earth.

It was not a ruined earth wrecked by the Devil’s army, but a peaceful earth just before he landed on the Rubel continent.

A world where he lived with ordinary worries such love, midterm exams, etc.

Vulcan took a deep breath with a thrilled look.




He then lifted his head slightly with his arms spread.

He wanted to feel the energy of the earth all over his body.

As if he had been in prison for 30 years and then just been released, and the elementary school students that were staring at him ran to somewhere quickly.


And the sounds of footsteps.




“Are you freaking kidding me?”

“I’m not, it is true! He looked just like the Carbon fiber kenji!”

“Let’s go, quick”




Vulcan, who sensed that many elementary school students were gathering, quickly disappeared using magic.

The elementary school student, who came with five friends, looked around, but Vulcan wearing Demon Duke’s set could not be found anywhere.


“Are you freaking kidding me?”

“Agh, he was here,”

“You freaking liar,”

“No, he was here!”


In his inventory, he pulled out the clothes that he had collected when he came to the earth, quickly finished changing and moved to his neighborhood, then took off his invisible boots.

He then took a deep breath and walked into his house.


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