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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 148

by gandara

TL Jaiki

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Author's Notes

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quick rough tl

< Author’s Words >


Finally the second part has finished.

Second part had total of 91 episodes; from episode 56 to episode 147.

Part 1 was about how Lee Ho Jae has survived the tutorial, and his journey through all the tutorial stages, just as it was mentioned on 60th floor where Lee Ho Jae is mentioning something about the past- on the part 1, end of second episode.

And unlike the part 1 which was focused on stage clearance and adventures, part 2 talked more about Lee Ho Jae’s inner personal changes.

In more details, Part 1 was all about new adventure and survival, and Part 2 was about the adaptation and the life in Tutorials.

Lee Ho Jae used to be a person who only drank water and ate beef jerky while putting all his energy into creating stage clear strategies for survivor, has now changed ever since he entered a solo stages.

Since Ho Jae has been able to ensure his survival through his past progressive processes and achievements, he turns his eyes onto something else other than just stage clearing strategies.

Ho Jae who has started a new life in Tutorial has begun to blend in to the life of Tutorial itself while meeting many new relationships.

And he changes little by little through his new life, and feels various happiness here and there.

Of course in the end… yes, something bad happens. But he is happy until the middle part.

Well to be honest I tried to fill in the blank hole existing inside Ho Jae.

Lee Ho Jae who was slowly dying in his small room had always desired a new life filled with exciting tasks and achievements, but he also wanted a happy and not lonely life at the same time.

That’s why Lee Ho Jae is clinging onto his relationships, unlike before. And he even began to chat with the enemies.

Whenever he confronts a new enemy, instead of going right into the battle, he tries to communicate first.

And he suffers from new loneliness and self destructing thoughts which he never felt before the Part 2.

But in the end of Part 2, Ho Jae starts to be thirsty for new stimulation.

And since Idy realized this, Idy has assigned him a new thrilling task, and ends the part 2, bringing the part 3 into the picture.

Now that I look at it, Part 2 has started with Idy and ended with Idy.

When I first started writing this story I didn’t expect myself to come this far.

Not to mention the paid chapters, but I thought if I could write up to 20 episodes, that’d be enough for me and my goal.

Maybe that’s why it all feels unreal to me still, even after finishing the Part 2.

Fortunately I could finish the part 2 as I’ve planned originally, and I’m really thankful for that.

If I were to pick something I was very dissatisfied with, was the episode where it had the second competition.

I ended up skipping the half of the final part.

If I could excuse myself a little,

There were lots of reasons why, but it was mainly because I wanted to emphasize Ho Jae’s emotions that he felt when he returned to the waiting room after finishing the competition.

I wanted all of you to sympathize with the feeling that he felt when he finally returned home from a long long journey, to an empty room without lights, that loneliness, that emptiness, I wanted to convey that feelings to you guys.

If possible, I want you all to feel ‘wow, it was a really long journey, but I’ve finally made my way back here’ this sort of returning home feeling.

That’s why I purposely extended the length of the story.

Yes. It wasn’t a nice try to perform on paid chapters.

Maybe it would’ve worked if I had written them more entertainingly.


Part 3 will feel something in between Part 1 and 2.

To be exact, it will be more similar to Part 1.


In the meantime,

I wanted to do Q&A.

There seem to be lots of parts that caused your curiosity.

And since it was always in first person’s perspective, there were lots of stuff that got overlooked or got skipped.

But there are lots of other stuff that’s coming soon, and since I don’t want to spoil them, I won’t be able to answer any questions that requires me to include the spoilers.

If there’s anything you want to ask regarding any matters from the past chapters, comment below.

I’ll try my best to answer them without spoiling anything.


Lastly, thank you all for reading Tutorial up until now.

Also thanks to all readers who’ve not read my novel yet, but decided to read this. Thanks for your interest.


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