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Max Level Newbie 116

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by Jane

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Test (4)

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But Vulcan didn’t set his gaze toward him.

He was gazing at Hokulrus’s face.

Hokulrus then nodded his head at him.


“Yeah. That’s the person. Be careful though,”


Although he said so, he wasn’t worried at all.

That was a sure thing.

Because there was no being in Act 2 that could threaten Vulcan, if any, it was the gods that were managing Act 2.

But there was no reason for them to be hostile to Vulcan.

He also didn’t show any reaction as he already knew it.

With a sour look, he gazed at the person in a brown robe in front of his eyes.

Moderate height. Moderate physique.

Neither handsome nor ugly, ordinary-looking.

Face full of fear.


‘Very leery,’


Person that Vulcan doesn’t know.

Unless Vulcan was a psychopath, he was not likely to like to beat a person that he didn’t know.

So when he was told, he suggested replacing it with another test.

And he told Hokulrus to do it himself.

Hokulrus then responded.


‘Including me, managers cannot intervene in Act 2’s residents’ problems. Depending on the seriousness, we could take care of them, but this guy is… ambiguous,’


Vulcan felt more leery when he heard it, but he had no choice as there was no way of replacing it with another test.


Vulcan said to himself, letting out a sigh.


“I’m a damn contract killer now…”


In a voice loud enough to be heard.

Hokulrus didn’t care at all.

He was gazing the man in a brown robe with eyes of stone and no word.


‘What a damn poor man,’


He couldn’t help but do.

Vulcan sorted out his thoughts and pulled up the thunder god’s might.

The blade put back in.

He thought that if he would attack with the blade, it would not end with beating.

After coaxing lighting and thunder, and demi-god’s power into both of hi hands, he scanned the man.

He was going to adjust the power according the level, but as he checked the man’s level, a look of surprise passed over his face.


[Human Mage Madorgi]



‘982? Human?’


Very high level.

It was the highest level, except the blue dragon and gods, among the ones he had met so far.

Vulcan stared at him.

Not only the level was high, but also he was a human.

Since he had so far heard from many people that 'Rex Lubro is the strongest man’, it was indeed interesting.


‘What the… Rex Lubro doesn’t hold a candle to him. How come this person has not been known until now?’


Vulcan was poised for a battle and kept gazing at the man in front of him, meanwhile, Madorgi pulled the power to the maximum, sweating.

He knew that he was not to be compared with Vulcan.


He felt a tremendous amount of power in the magic that was bloomed in Vulcan’s hands despite his calm expression, though he did not show any power.

However, he could not stand like a scarecrow without any resistance.

In comparison to Vulcan who became a divine being, he was weak, but in Act 2, he was also one of the 5 strongest men.


‘I won’t just let him lash out at me,’


His tongue swept inside his mouth that had dried up because of the tension and summoned a 1 meter-diameter ball from his right hand.

Mysterious sphere that was red, blue, and sometimes shining in purple.

It was Oculus, a patent that could inflict a mental attack on nearby enemies.

Top-level spiritual magic that could make those with low levels collapse, even when they attempted to approach, and make divine beings or demi-gods, dragonians unable to focus on battles.

Looking up at Oculus floating in the sky, Madorgi prepared for another magic.


‘Not enough… I need to prepare for the other magics…’


But when he thought that far.

Suddenly, Vulcan who poured a fierce forth like an evil spirit approached him at terrific speed and grabbed him by the collar.

Vulcan, who showed a quick move as if he had not been influenced by Oculus, flung Madorgi down on the floor.




“Ugh!... ugggghhhh!”


Madorgi, who had lost concentration in a moment, failed to cast the next spell, and looked up at Vulcan with a dark look.

Vulcan looked down at him like a devil in hell.

Madori’s look became darker because of the words that came out of his mouth.


“Similar to the magic that was hanging on me...”




With an instantly, decade old look, Madorgi tried to open his mouth to say something.

But It was quicker for Vulcan to punch down than for Madorgi to speak.




His teeth that popped out like popcorn by his swinging fist.

It was a cruel sight that was hard to see, but the Vulcan did not care about it. He said again.


“Damn bastard… you are Oracle!”


Hokulrus, who had been watching quietly, spoke softly.


“Don’t kill him though,”


Madorgi’s expression saddened like a cattle dragged to the slaughterhouse.




Vulcan didn’t stop at all.

He beat, beat, and kept beating.

He didn’t worry about him dying.

Vulcan showed an elaborate control and beat Madorigi just before dying, then gazed at Hokulrus.

Hokulrus then used god power and potions to heal Madorgi completely.

And the beating began again.

The level of Madorgi was too low to prevent Vulcan’s beating that fired in anger.

From Madorgi’s end, it was not fair.

He was also known for a frightfully strong man among Act 2’s ordinary people.

He was never weak enough to be dragged into a secluded forest and beaten like a dog.

But it was his misfortune that Vulcan, who had already had the same power as god, was his opponent.

He thought to himself in the endless pain.


“Son...  of bi… tch…’


Other than that, there was no word to come to mind.

He just wanted this hellish time to end soon.

Like that, 48 hours later, Vulcan’s anger somewhat subsided and his hand slightly slowed down.

Hokulrus, who had been standing silently like a NPC at a medical center, held his hand and restrained Vulcan.

Vulcan, with a satisfying revenge of his own, stepped back with a languid expression and Hokulrus approached Madorigi with a stern look and his hands clasped behind his back.

Madorgi asked, looking at Hokulrus, who was treating him carefully.


“W… hy…”

“You don’t know why?”



Hokulrus asked back, but Madorgi didn’t answer.

No, he couldn’t.

The wound of his body was cleanly cured, but his spiritual damage remained.

He was not in a position to actively think and answer.

Hokulrus hit his tongue and said to Madorgi.


“Stop fooling around with people,”

“... th.. that…”


It was the reaction of someone who had something wrong.

Hokurus, who saw it, said successively.


“Do you know how chaotic Asgard has become because of Oracle you were playing with? Do you know how many people died… Ah… why were you fooling around with people?”

“I... did wrong, but I didn’t think I did something worthy of… punishment… “

“I couldn’t just keep watching Asgard falling apart,”


Hokulrus forced Madorgi to stand up, then put his face closer and said.


“This is just a warning. Do you know that the Blue Dragon Blue Wind is coming to take the test soon?”


Hokulrus's eyes shone like the tip of a sharp sword.

Madorgi could not say anything, while Hokulrus continued to speak.

“Including Paros, Pahalrum, even those that you don’t know, gods will now pour out and I will torture you, by way of a test. Of course, the severity will increase more and more,”


“Well, If, you follow my proposal, that won’t happen. What do you say?”

Madorgi’s body and mind were thoroughly injured and had no power left to resist.

He asked Hokulrus in a trembling voice.


“What… is that?

“It is no bother,”


Hokulrus, who was grabbing Madorgi, got the grim off his hands and said.


“There is a man named Filder in Act 1’s Beloong city. Take on a manager for the man. If you perform the role for ten thousand years, I will give you a clue to reach the godhood,”


Madorgi shouldn’t reject it.

He couldn’t help but nod.

Hokulrus tapped Madorgi's shoulder and stared back at Vulcan.

He then said with a slight smile.


“Vulcan, you have passed the test,”




Finally, the day of the ceremony came.

Although there were always many people in the Espo city, but today much more people visited and filled the city.

Hokulrus and Vulcan were tied to the test, while the rest of Act 2's managers were promoting the appointment ceremony.

Indeed, in the news of a god being born in a long time, many of those who were trying to break the wall stopped training and chose to return.

A few days ago, Vulcan had been heading for a goal in an equal position with them.

There was no one who wanted to miss a moment of seeing such being.

Among the crowd, wolfnian Kiba opened his mouth.


“Ha, you don’t believe it? He was definitely weaker than me 250 years ago!”

“Shut the crap up. Aren’t you a dognian? Stop talking a dog shit!”

“Hehe, let’s throw a ball and see if he runs and catches it,”


Kiba pulled out his nails and showed the giggling pals.

Those who had lower levels stopped making fun of him, but didn’t stop talking.

Among them, a catnian said.


“Well, it doesn’t make sense. How could he become a god in 250 year? If so, there should have been rumors about it, don’t you think so?”

“It is because your hearing is poor. He is already famous! He is the one who destroyed the Bae Su Jin and who brought enormous quantities of items to the auction house, weren’t you there too?”

“O, yeah? Well, I was only interested in goods. And I don’t know anything about the Bae Su Jin,”


She then laughed.

Kiba turned his head, letting out a sigh.

The more he tried to explain, the more eggs he had on his face.


He thought, hitting his chest.


“Where the hell has he been? Only a few humans know about the Bae Su Jin. What the hell is this guy?”


Kiba let out a sigh again.

He gulped down his beer, looking at his pals who wouldn’t believe his word.

There was a man staring at him from a distance.

Ancient Darkelf Elkeni.

He had good hearing and was listening to what Kiba said, and he nodded as if he had agreed.


‘Unless they know him, it is not easy to believe,’


He wanted to approach and comfort him, but turned his head.

Demi-god Tulkas, who had been his teacher since 250 years, came into the picture.

He woke up Tulkas who was sleeping in a standing position.


“We’ll start soon,”

“O, yeah?”


He wiped his mouth and stretched, then looked at the sky.

Hokulrus and Hornus surrounded by holy white lights.

And today's main character, Vulcan.

They were flying in slowly.



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