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Max Level Newbie 114

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by Jane

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Test (2)

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Ttoobuk. Ttoobuk.


The Demon Duke’s boots hit the stone floor inside the temple, creating the footstep sound.

And those who gathered near the temple could not speak a word out of their mouth until the sound gradually faded and no sound was heard.

They couldn’t help but do so.

The shock was big enough to paralyze them.

Only after a long while, one by one, they gathered their senses.

They talked to each other in an enormous state of excitement.


“What the hell just happened?”

“No way…”

“Oh my… when the Blue Dragon tried to defeat the door, it seemed more difficult than that…”


None of them could believe what had just happened.

That was natural.

In the first place, the door of the test was not made to be cracked at one time.

A man who recently became a god, had tried three times.

Before that, four times.

Aside from them, many of those who cleared Act 2 and became godly beings had attempted an average of 3-4 attacks to open the door.

About 150 years ago, there was an anecdote that, after breaking the door at the end of eight attempts, the Blue Dragon and Blue Wind returned to the western islands, realizing its shortcomings.

Such door was cut with a blade at once.

Those who passed in front of the temple quickly delivered this astonishing news to their acquaintances, and a lot of people gathered in front of the door which was cut in half.




By then, Vulcan completely entered the temple.

Because of the much more complicated structure than Act 1's temple, he was worried about where to go.

But that was an unnecessary worry.

Hearing a heavy voice from behind his back, Vulcan turned his head in surprise.


“Impressive. Vulcan,”

“...Hokulrus? You know my name,”

“Yeah. Honus told me,”

“I see,”

“By the way, how is it that you can recognize me when you have never met me before? Is it also a Player’s ability?”

“Yes, it is,”


‘Even gods do not seem to know perfectly about Players,’


Having thought this far, Vulcan looked at the abilities that rose above Hokulrus’s head.

Question marks that would stimulate Vulcan's curiosity were no longer visible.


[the Act 2's Supreme Manager, the god of water, Hokulrus]


[Physical Level: 1225]

[Godly skill Level: 510]


‘Much higher than Honus’s. And Hokulrus also has a godly skill level,’


Vulcan was astonished at the gigantic level of Hokulrus, the Act 2’s supreme manager, and felt interested in the ability that seemed different from the others’ he had met.

Unlike the others he had seen so far, it was quite strange that the level was divided into two areas.

However, since he was unable to explain his question to Hokulrus, who did not seem to be aware of Players properly, Vulcan went straight to the point.


“I would like to take the test to clear Act 2, Hokulrus,”



Hokulrus, who listened to Vulcan, looked at him with an expressionless look.

His sharp eyes looked as if they were peeping into his mind.

The two pupils, like blue glittering glass beads, were appalling.

Vulcan, completely overwhelmed by the momentum, gripped his fist tightly to overcome himself.

He thought.


‘It’s like… although I’ve got stronger, I’m still no match for the top gods,’


He might well think so. Hokulrus was indeed the most powerful god among a lot of the Act 2’s managers.

No matter how strong he was, it did not matter much.

Not that he was trying to go up to Act 3 in order to tussle with gods.

It was just a matter of restoring the world with a wish that cleared Act 2.

Having thought so, he thought that he would not have to feel as daunted as now.

He forced himself to adjust his shrunk-up posture into a more upright one.

He braced his shoulders, and raised his chin arrogantly.

Hokulrus’s eyes that saw him, were filled with interest.

He was surprised to see Vulcan holding his pressure much better than expected.

He nodded slightly and stopped pushing Vulcan.




The aura of Hokulrus disappeared in an instant.

Vulcan, who let out a small sound in bewilderment, stared at Hokulrus.

Just like earlier, the atmosphere was so imperative that it was hard for him to approach.

But it was not enough to make him feel frightened and go weak at the knees.


‘I don’t get to see him often anyway, hold the head up,’


Vulcan looked as if he faced the Army Chief of Staff after being discharged from the service.

He slowly opened his mouth.


“By any chance, was it the test a moment ago?”


“Well then, let me take the test now,”

“Are you in a hurry?”

“No, but I just want to clear Act 2 right away,”



Again, Hokulrus stopped talking.

Still with his gaze in the direction of Vulcan.

He looked like Honus, who had been standing so long a little while ago.

Vulcan rushed him.


“Can’t you possibly do this faster?”


He said as if he were a creditor who came to look for the money that he had entrusted.

Hokulrus, who did not like that, slightly frowned.


“Watch your tone, you are talking to the supreme manager,”

“I’m sorry. I think I’m running out of patience as I’ve been aiming toward this for a long time,”

“Oh well, all right then,”


Hokulrus wanted to observe Vulcan a bit more, but as Vulcan wanted to take the test so eagerly, he couldn’t help it.

He unfolded a cloth around his body, then said to Vulcan.


“Follow me,”


Vulcan was a little stunned, seeing Hokulrus’s sudden action and moved both legs quickly.


‘He doesn’t talk as much as Honus - I like it,’


Vulcan thought, following behind Hokulrus.

So they headed out across the inside of the temple.

Not in the direction of the main gate, but in the one of the door that Vulcan cut in half.

Vulcan took a look at the results that he made absentmindedly, and saw the Act 2’s masters that had gathered around the door and hardened his look.

As if seeing a celebrity, as soon as the masters saw Vulcan, they suddenly started making a commotion.

Vulcan felt many more eyes on him than Hokulrus who was not often seen.

He felt pressured by the various races that were more enthusiastic than when he had unpacked the items in the auction house long ago.

Vulcan didn’t have the knack of getting on with many people and lacked immunity to excessive attention.

He wanted to avoid the place, and approached Hokulrus who was standing among the crowd.

Because he wanted to tell Hokulrus to leave the place quickly.

But before Vulcan began to speak, Hokulrus opened his firm mouth first.


“Today, a man, who had cleared Act 2 in a long time was born. I, the supreme manager of Act 2, let him finish the test, and he proved power enough to call himself a god.

It’s Vulcan! He is a Demi-god with such powerful power that can not be found in history. No, He is soon going to become a god,”



With a dumbfounded look, Vulcan stared at Hokulrus who continued talking without hesitation.


“Just three days from now, at 1pm on the Espo City Square, Vulcan, who cleared Act 2, will be given the title of God. Those who are interested should not hesitate to come and see the Demi-god Vulcan who will become a great being. Period,”


At the end of Hokulrus' s words, a great disturbance took place among the crowd.

The birth of a new god in 300 years.

Everybody in Act 2 was stirred by the news.

Although the level of each person was different, all wanted to reach a higher level.

Their top goal was to raise power enough to clear Act 2 and reach the godhood.

Like that, in front of their eyes, a man, who was equal to them until yesterday, will become a godly being - how can they not be excited.

The people who were gathered in front of the temple were scattered in order to spread the astonishing news to their acquaintances, and a few people stared at Vulcan without hiding their excitement.

And Vulcan, who was receiving the gaze, was standing with a blank expression, not knowing what was going on.


‘... What the hell, wasn’t I supposed to take the test?’


He was flustered at the sudden explication, turned his eyes and found Hokulrus, who was about to go inside the temple.

Vulcan hurriedly caught up with him and asked.




“Um, I thought I was about to take the test. What is it going…”


Vulcan slurred his words.

He did not say the right words as he let words come out of his mouth without properly organizing his thoughts in his head.

He swallowed his saliva and calmed his confused emotions, then spoke again.


“So, I mean… I thought I was going to take the test to clear Act 2, but I was embarrassed because it was not. Also, an event or celebration for me? What was that? I am grateful for that, but I do not want it. Just want to take the test, make a wish and leave here,”


His words were still not clear, but enough to get his point across.

Having heard that, Hokulrus stopped the new model.

He then responded in a calm, orderly manner.


“Appointment ceremonies are necessary,”

“Why is that?”

“Of course, whenever there is a man who ascends to the godhood, a grand ceremony is necessary so that the rest of Act 2’s residents can be motivated and stimulated. You are going to play a part in leading more people to the godhood, which is required for the process,”

“... What am I supposed to do there?”

“After a ceremony to show off, you only need to boast power. No big deal,”

“... Yes,”


Although Vulcan did not like to be a crown in front of many people, he could not say anything as he was told it was required for the process.

There was a silence that meant a positive consideration.

But his slightly crumpled face showed a hind of irritation.

Hokulrus said.


“Once you become a god, you will need to get used to it, looking after humans. It will be a good learning experience,”


It was like advice from a senior god.

But that was uninspiring for Vulcan.

Vulcan shook his head and looked at Hokulrus with his eyes rounded, then said.


“I have no intention of being a god… I just want to clear Act 2 and make a wish, then return to my world,”



Having heard that, Hokulrus wore a look filled with questions.

Then, he snapped at Vulcan.


“What the hell did you just say? Going under your parents again?”

“Sorry? What do you mean, going under my parents?”

“Didn’t you say you would return to your world?”


“Your parent must be gods. Does it make sense to you that a god goes under gods? You need to stand your own feet,”




With a look full of question marks, they both looked at each other.

While they seemed not to understand each other’s words, there was a long silence.





A very awkward silence.

In which, Hokulrus looked Vulcan as if seeing a strange creature for the first time in his life.

He thought.


‘Well, neither Dragonians nor any other races, that Demi-god cleared Act 2, but is not going to serve as a god? What the hell is that bastard doing?’


It did not make sense at all.

Of course, there were many of Demi-gods that lived like a spoiled brat and stirred up their parents’ world.

Believing in a much more superior body than human beings, those bastards exercised power and made so much trouble.

They were so pathetic that they did not even think to grind away in Asgard.

But Vulcan was different from them.

He came to Asgard with his own will, and grinded away harder than anyone and raised his level.

He achieved enough to astonish Hokulrus, the Act 2’s supreme manager, and also was a promising Demi-got who was staring, the shortest period of time, Act 2’s clear in the face.


“Why the hell is he saying such thing?”


It did not make sense to Hokulrus, further, he was angry.

He suppressed his anger and looked at Vulcan who was staring at him without a word, then said.


“Are you sure that you have no intention of serving as a god, are you really saying that?”

“Yes, that’s right…”


With an uncomprehending look, Vulcan answered.

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