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Max Level Newbie 111

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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The Final Trial (3)

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The club was swung with ferocity.

It was incredibly destructive. It made one wonder if Theseus in the legends of gods was like this. By the giant’s attacks, the surrounding was destroyed.

There were numerous craters everywhere as if the area was hit by carpet bombing.

The 27 would-be gods, including Vulcan, watched the violent battle. They each indulged in useless thoughts of their own.


‘Maybe it would be rude to compare the man to Theseus.’


That probably was the case.

If given enough time, the beings gathered here each had enough power to destroy a planet.

Comparing such ridiculous power to Theseus was a ridiculous idea.

However, even among such astonishing beings, difference in power did exist.

In the end of intense battle, the decision was made.

The woman with voluptuous body, who had been on the defense until the very end, achieved the victory.

As for the giant who had been charging forward like a mad bull while swinging his club, he shook his body in deep disappointment.

However, he did not make any excuses.

If she wanted, she could have killed him. The giant knew this.

There was a faint wound on his neck, and a thin stream of blood was flowing down. The giant wiped it off.

After that, with heavy and disappointed steps, he disappeared to somewhere.

Other would-be gods watched his sad look on his back. Nobody was able to say anything.

They were feeling the anxiety because look of that giant’s back could very well be themselves soon.

That fact weighed heavily down on them, and that led to solemn atmosphere at the arena.

Of course, that did not apply to Demisula, the female Dragonian who achieved victory in the first duel.

She had overjoyed look on her face. She came back to where other would-be gods were gathered. Now, with the look of a perfect spectator, she plummeted down.

Only 15 were allowed inside the Final Trial. Meanwhile, there were 29 here.

In other words, the participants only needed to win once to pass immediately.

So, Demisula was able to watch the others’ duel with lightened heart.

Everyone looked at her with envy.

Everyone did, including the two warriors who were about to fight their duel, and others who were not getting ready because their turns were still far away.

However, Clutus was an exception.

He had comfortable face. There was not even a shred of nervousness in him. He explained his impression about the duel just now.


“She is super strong. She is even on par with me. How come I had never seen her before when she is so strong? Was she staying only at the Holy Temple of Dragons?”

“Hey, mind the mood and be quiet, will you?”

“All right.”


Clutus was scolded by Vulcan.

However, Clutus was not upset about being scolded at all.

In fact, the situation was that he was happy enough to allow and get past anything that Vulcan could have said to him.

With happy face, Clutus shrugged his shoulders and focused on the front.

It was to watch the duel that was to happen next.

Vulcan watched Clutus’s behavior with dumbfounded look.


‘Of all people, this guy got the lucky win by default…’


Vulcan was not liking it.

Of course, the number of warriors gathered here was not exactly 30. So, from the start, there was going to be one lucky winner by default. However, of all people, it was Clutus.

Vulcan felt like someone who was having a heartburn from jealousy because his relative bought lands. Vulcan withdrew his gaze away from Clutus.

After that, the second duel started.

Again, this duel was held with serious and heavy mood.

The Final Trial opened only once every 100 years, so everyone here entered the duel with desperate heart. They could not help it.

So, from the very start of the duel, everyone fought the duel with everything they had. They did not fool around to gaze up each other. This led to quick conclusions for the duels.

Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred.

It was because there was a definite difference in abilities between the two who entered the duel.

The winner appropriately adjusted down the strength to accommodate the loser. The loser felt the shortcomings and promptly accepted the outcome.

Vulcan watched the duels and realized Honus’ intent.


‘He arranged the matches while already having a clear distinction of stronger and weaker groups.’


Vulcan was able to check levels of the warriors, so he could feel this with greater certainty. Vulcan nodded as if he agreed with Honus’ method.

If the match up were done in random and the estimated second most powerful warrior lost to the most powerful one, then that would have felt incredibly wrong.

Vulcan thought that match ups were assigned to avoid such a disaster and to make it so that the disqualified ones would not feel regrets either.




Actually, from Vulcan’s perspective, it didn’t matter how it was matched up.

Vulcan was confident that he could beat anyone here.

If there was someone of Blue Wind the Blue Dragon’s caliber with top end of 900 level, then Vulcan would not have dared to think this way. However, the ones gathered here were not as powerful.

While watching the Demi-god who was going to be his opponent, Vulcan hoped his turn, which was the very last duel, would come soon.

The Demi-god was not even glancing at Vulcan. Instead, he was meditating to prepare for the battle to come.

His heavy and grand intensity was naturally rising up around him. They were enough to make others’ skin numb.

Vulcan instantly thought about the Beloong City’s The Six, and of them all, he thought about Heywood, Folken and Logweed who were considered warriors of physical combat.

Compared to the three, the opponent in front of him was far stronger.

However, Vulcan was even stronger.

It was not that he was a little above this Demi-god. Vulcan was confident that he could achieve overwhelming victory in ten out of ten battles.

Having thought this far, Vulcan peeked a smile.

Vulcan used to be just a greenhorn with level 99. Now, even though he was facing an opponent who surpassed some of The Six members, Vulcan was feeling so leisurely.

It felt strange. Somehow, it made him feel the tears zapping through his eyes.

It was not like Vulcan already achieved the godhood. He still had long ways to go.

Despite that, Vulcan felt that he had no need to worry about such things. Such sensation suddenly filled inside Vulcan’s heart.

The path forward was perfectly paved now. Vulcan was certain that he was merely walking toward the future that was already set.

Vulcan closed his eyes for a moment and calmed his emotions.

Afterwards, he smiled even bigger than the last time.


‘A confidence like this… It’s been so long.’


It was a bit awkward, but it did not feel bad.

Until his turn, Vulcan enjoyed the full dose of this positive emotion. Vulcan opened his eyes slowly only when he was called by Honus.

He saw Honus and fourteen other would-be gods who had their results.

Also, there was the Demi-god with level 908 who was his opponent. He was watching Vulcan.

In Act 2 where fiends of all fiends gathered, this Demi-god was powerful enough to be placed on the top.

However, in Vulcan’s eyes, the Demi-god did not look all that amazing.

The Demi-god was definitely someone who would be showered with others’ respect, jealousy and envy. Despite these, that’s how Vulcan felt.

Also, it seemed Vulcan was not the only one who was having such thoughts.

The gazes from other 14 would-be gods…

They had high expectations for Vulcan, the one who overcame the terror exuded by the Light inside the Darkness and took the very first step before anyone else. Their expectations were being poured on Vulcan.

The response was incredible. It was like something for the participant of a tournament who was expected to win.

Naturally, the opponent in front of Vulcan ended up with the role of the underdog.

Karugos, the Demi-god who read this mood, stiffened the look on his face and bit his lower lips.

It was hurting his pride.


‘Ever since I was born a Demi-god, I think this kind of treatment is a first for me in a thousand years.’


He was not used to this, so it was spoiling his mood even more.

Of course, he did recognize that his opponent looked incredible.

Karugos was active in some place other than the Origin of Evil, so he didn’t know about Vulcan in detail. However, he noticed that Clutus, who he knew as someone with very strong pride, was giving in to Vulcan. That fact alone was enough for Karugos to guess just how strong Vulcan was.

However, he did not lose yet.

Once the duel is decided for sure, Karugos was then going to respect Vulcan’s strength and leave this place without regrets.

However, he could not stand the atmosphere. It felt like the result was already decided when the duel had not even begun.

Karugos was not here to uplift the opponent in front of him.

As a proud Demi-god, and as someone who would reach the godhood soon, Karugos had come this far.

In calm, low voice, Karugos said,


“Will it be all right if we began?”

“… All right. Please get started.”


It seemed Honus also felt Karugos’ resolution. In sincere voice, Honus let them know the duel had started.

Immediately, Karugos’ both arms exuded mysterious silver light like explosions.




The ferocious energy was waving around like flames.

Other would-be gods who had been focusing only on Vulcan looked at Karugos with surprised eyes. Some of them gasped for air.

Surrounding Karugos’ arms, the energy was growing like stalactite. It felt incredibly grand.

It felt majestic and heavy as if it was a sword of a supreme commander that was forged by the hands of the greatest blacksmith.

Overall, Karugos looked sturdy and without any gap in defense. Watching him, a few started to talk.


“He is more incredible than I thought? I thought that other side would win for sure.”

“This is amazing. Still, I think Vulcan would win…”

“Ah, so that man is the one in the rumors. Well, I agree with you, but…”

“I see. I think the duel will go on longer than we expected.”


Their conversations reflected that their opinions’ on Karugos had gone up all of the sudden.

Having heard their words, Karugos tilted the tip of his lips up slightly. However, the look on his face changed to the emotional look soon.

Karugos had revealed his full power. Despite this, nobody had changed their predictions on who would win. This fact hurt his pride once again.

Karugos ground his teeth hard enough to make noises. He then stared at Vulcan’s side.

Vulcan was still standing as if he had a lot of margin to spare. He looked relaxed.

To point out one thing that did change, Vulcan had drawn his blade from the sheath and had steady golden light around his entire body.

Vulcan looked arrogant. From the looks of him, Karugos thought Vulcan was not weary of his opponent at all.

In the end, Karugos was not able to stand the anger. He strained his lower body.

He was planning to charge in at once like a spring and deal a strike against that leisurely face.

Karugos opened his eyes big and glared at Vulcan as he thought,


‘Let’s see if you can still have that look on your face after this attack!’


However, the situation did not flow in the direction he thought.

It was when his leg muscles had swelled up like beasts and he was just about to charge in.

Karugos instantly felt Vulcan’s face being enlarged. Karugos panicked.


‘What the!’


The speed was so fast that even Karugos could not recognize it!

It made him wonder if Vulcan stopped the time itself and then moved. Witnessing this scene, Karugos opened his eyes big enough to tear the lids.

Toward Karugos who was in such a state, Vulcan swung his Heavenly Lightning Blade.

Karugos was shocked once again by the deadly attack which was like the lightning from the sky. He quickly crossed his arms and raised them up above.

The power of Demi-god that he had gathered up for attack were mostly sent to his arms which were going to collide with the blade. The rest of the power was absorbed in the muscles across his entire body to prepare for the aftermath of the collision that would happen soon.

His response was very quick. It was enough to impress others who were watching the battle.

It was a very fluent response. It was hard to believe that this was someone who lost the chance of the first strike to Vulcan.


Karugos was not aware of something.

For the past 100 years, Vulcan had been dealing attacks at the Origin of Evil without ever resting for even a day. He was not aware just how sharp Vulcan’s attack was.

Also, Karugos was not aware of how powerful the twice strengthened Heavenly Lightning Blade that Vulcan wielded was.





Loud noise that was expected from the collision of huge powers did not happen at all.

Instead, what happened sounded like something expected from a skilled executioner when he cuts off the heads of the death row inmates. The creepy sound went past the ears of the would-be gods, and…





Sounds of two lumps of flesh dropping to the ground pierced into their ears once again.

They were very quiet sounds, but they echoed in the others’ brains as if they were powerful sounds of thunders.

They gulped and looked at Vulcan and Karugos.




Vulcan was standing still. He looked like he would cut off the top of Karugos’ head at any moment.

Meanwhile, Karugos was soaking the ground with his blood after having lost both of his arms.

Karugos even forgot the pain coming from his arms. Instead, he stared at Vulcan with hopeless look on his face.


“Ugh. Ugh.”


Nothing in particular came out of his mouth.

He only had hopeless laughter in disconnect.

Like that, for one to two seconds, Karugos looked into the eyes of Vulcan. Karugos could not tell what was the insides of Vulcan. After staring at Vulcan eyes like that, Karugos closed his eyes.

It was the attitude of someone who completely acknowledged his defeat.

Honus, the one who had been calmly watching the entire situation, said,


“Vulcan wins.”

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