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Dungeon Maker 26

by Chwiryong

Translated by jennchan | Edited by Sebas Tian

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Elite (2)

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<Elite #2>

“What’s the current situation?!”
It’s only been a couple of seconds since they started running.
Yong-Ho asked while running. The Spirit of the Dungeon quickly answered.
“There are currently five Orcs and one Imp left!”
“They broke through most of the traps. Three of their Imps were killed thanks to the traps.”
“The Treant and the Kobolds are getting ready to fight against the enemy!”
Yong-Ho gritted his teeth. There wasn’t a lot of time. No matter how fast they ran, they would arrive after the enemy.
“Tell them to retreat to the throne room! Buy some time!”
Even though he ran out of breath, he couldn’t stop. Even if it was a small amount, there was some distance between him and the Goblins.
“That’s impossible!”
“The battle has started!”
There were four Kobolds and one Treant.
They had five Orcs and one Imp.
 They saw the throne room at the end of the hall. Yong-Ho started thinking. Instead of regretting the battle that already started, he decided to gather all the information regarding the battle that was going to occur from now on.
Five Orcs.
There was one that looked like the leader while the others looked like their underlings.
According to the video that the Spirit of the Dungeon showed, they were wearing similar gear.
‘Armor that covers the shoulders, chest and arms. The leader is wearing a black helmet and armor.’
Yong-Ho focused on the fact that the armor was the same.
It was a uniform. The gear was provided. It meant that they belonged to a group.
Catalina ran ahead and opened the door. Yong-Ho continued running. It sounded like there was a fight beyond the door.
‘They’re wielding either an axe or a sword. There aren’t any long-distance weapons!’
“Two Kobolds have been killed!”
It was similar to a scream. Catalina opened another door. The smell of blood filled his nose. It was a terrible sight.

It was red. It wasn’t just from the two Kobolds’ corpse. Using its axe, an Orc attacked a Kobold and cut its head off. Blood spouted out and filled the air momentarily.
The Treant started roaring when a couple of its vines were cut off. It was filled with pain and bitterness.
And the enemy saw Yong-Ho and Catalina.
“The owner?!”
The leader yelled. The Orcs that killed the Kobolds looked at Yong-Ho all at once. One of them threw their axe at Yong-Ho.
It was fast and precise. The axe was flying towards Yong-Ho’s forehead. Yong-Ho saw it. It didn’t stop. He ran towards it and raised his left arm.
There wasn’t any blood. It didn’t injure Yong-Ho’s arm nor did it stop him from pressing forward.
The Power of Distortion that was released from the tip of his hand distorted the space. The axe bounced off an invisible wall and Yong-Ho grabbed Aamon. He attacked the Orcs that were surprised by how the axe bounced off.
He didn’t yell. He just used Aamon by piercing the abdomen of the Orc that was closest to him. After it released its flames for a moment, he took it out. He continued stabbing the other Orcs.
The Orc that was injured couldn’t even fight back. And the other Orcs couldn’t attack Yong-Ho. It did happen all of a sudden, but it’s also because Catalina jumped in-between them.
It was as if Yong-Ho and Catalina switched places because he used the crossbow. The first arrow pierced the cheek of an Orc that was surprised because of Yong-Ho and he targeted the leader next, but the arrow bounced off the shield that the leader used.
But this was enough. Catalina didn’t look back and unsheathed her sword. Like Yong-Ho, she attacked the Orc that was the nearest.
Right when Yong-Ho pierced the abdomen for the fifth time, Skull joined the fight. Skull roared and swung its hammer towards an Orc. Their movement was big and because they roared, they didn’t hit them. But the Orc didn’t have any choice but to dodge and through that, time and space was created.
The Goblin Rangers arrived too. Out of the four, Jun was the only female and as the leader, they commanded them. The four Goblins formed a team and attacked one Orc.
A few seconds after the attack.
After the fifth stab, Yong-Ho pulled out Aamon and got ready to attack the next. He stepped back while his eyes were focused on the sword that the leader had around their waist. The Orc that got stabbed five times coughed and fell to the ground.

The next thing Yong-Ho wanted to do.
He already made up his mind. It was more like instincts than thinking it through. As he tightened his grip on Aamon, he started swinging it as he ran forward. He released a wave of fire!
The Orcs weren’t the only ones that were in front of him. But Yong-Ho didn’t hesitate.
That’s why the Orcs were shocked.
Catalina didn’t try to avoid it. As a spirit that belonged to the dungeon, she trusted her master. Despite the fact that there was fire at her back, she glared at the enemy and cut their head off. The blood that spouted mixed with Yong-Ho’s fire.
Skull wasn’t afraid of the fire. No, it’s more like they didn’t know that there was a fire behind them. They were too busy beating the Orc with their hammer.
The Goblins couldn’t attack like Catalina and Skull. But, it didn’t matter. When they cowered in fear, the Orc did the same and it was thanks to the fire that Yong-Ho released.
Was he trying to burn the enemy?
No. He wasn’t strong enough to release a fire that powerful.
Yong-Ho wanted to shock the enemy.
And to blind them at the same time!

Yong-Ho ran towards the Orc that the Goblins were fighting. After the wave of flame disappeared, the Orc was shocked by Yong-Ho’s sudden appearance. Yong-Ho attacked them with Aamon by hitting their collarbone. They fell backward and he pushed his left hand into their mouth.
Yong-Ho couldn’t ignore the strength of the Orc’s jaw. If they just closed their mouth, his hand could be cut off.
However, Yong-Ho was faster than that. Yong-Ho inserted his mana into Kaiwan’s ring, which was on his left hand.
The Power of Distortion!
Space had been distorted inside the Orc’s mouth. Since it happened in such a small space, the Orc’s neck exploded and Yong-Ho’s left arm was pushed back forcefully.
Blood spouted out. It was on Yong-Ho’s face. And he wasn’t buried under it. The moment he placed his left hand into their mouth, Yong-Ho was already thinking about his next target.
Yong-Ho and the leader looked at each other.
The leader’s roar shook the entire room. It wasn’t a simple roar. It contained a strong mana.
‘The Orc clan’s war cry!’
Catalina noticed it. But, it was no use. Their cry already invaded Catalina’s head.

The Goblins started screaming. It was only for a moment, but Catalina felt her body becoming stiff. The Kobolds and the Treant that were in pain started shaking in fear.
Skull, who was an undead, was the only one that could move freely despite the Orc’s war cry.
The leader shouted. They commanded the Imp, the only one that didn’t participate in the battle.
The Imp turned around. With a violent smile, they kicked off the ground. Skull hastily headed towards the leader.
And Yong-Ho started thinking. He connected all the data.
All the Orcs were wearing the same armor. The leader made the one Imp run away.
Did they acknowledge the fact that they lost and they’re trying to save the one Imp?
It didn’t make sense. They threw the other Imps to check the traps.
Then there was only one other reason.
Yong-Ho shouted while his body was stiff. Stop the Imp from informing the others about this!
The leader swung a large, square shield. After pushing Skull aside with it, they looked at Yong-Ho and Catalina.
Catalina kicked off the ground. She ran towards the Imp. And Yong-Ho ran as well. In order to stop the leader from going after Catalina, he ran.
The leader and Yong-Ho both shouted at the same time. They glared at each other.
The fire shot up. The large axe flew up into the air.
The Shield of Distortion didn’t completely block the large axe. Since the attack was really powerful, the axe scratched Yong-Ho’s left arm. If he endured it any longer, he could’ve really injured his left arm.

And that attack made Yong-Ho’s attack miss them. Aamon stabbed the air and the fire burned the air.

The hammer that Skull threw saved Yong-Ho’s life. The leader stepped back and dodged the hammer and thanks to that, they weren’t able to perform their second attack, which allowed Yong-Ho to fix his posture. This time, Treant intercepted.
Treant raised its roots. Instead of rooting itself to the ground, they stood up and headed towards the leader and Yong-Ho.
They were extremely slow.. But, it was very intimidating and Treant had vines.

The leader quickly stepped back and kept their distance from the Treant when they noticed the vines heading towards them. And Yong-Ho couldn’t tolerate that. The Treant’s vines were stretching above them, but he didn’t step back. He grabbed Aamon again.
Treant quickly retracted its vines. The leader raised their shield and tried to block Yong-Ho’s attacks.
Iron wall.
Since he was close, the large, square shield looked like a large wall.
But Yong-Ho didn’t care. Instead of stabbing the shield, he pointed Aamon to the ground. He originally targeted the leader’s lower half of his body, so there weren’t any issues.
The leader had a confused look, but it was only for a moment. Yong-Ho answered.
Aamon released its flames and it enveloped the leader’s lower half of their body. It consumed a lot of mana to perform this attack, but Yong-Ho didn’t care. He gritted his teeth while glaring at the leader.
It didn’t envelope their entire body. Their green skin that was exposed couldn’t endure the heat.
The leader groaned in pain and waved around their axe and shield. They were trying to stop Yong-Ho from getting closer.
Yong-Ho looked at them with cold eyes. He gathered the remaining mana that he had.
The scream came from behind the leader. Jon was released from the leader’s war cry and used the axe to attack the leader’s back. Skull obtained the Orc’s weapon that was on the ground and threw it towards the leader’s head.
It hit it. The leader stumbled when the axe hit their armor. And after observing the situation, Yong-Ho used a lance to stab them. It pierced through their neck, which wasn’t protected. Once he felt the lace piercing through, he poured out all of his mana.
Greed’s fire was released. It entered into their neck and burned everything that it touched.
The leader couldn’t even scream in pain. They writhed in pain while making clicking noises and then stopped. When Yong-Ho’s hand was no longer on Aamon, it stopped releasing its fire, but they were injured pretty badly.

Yong-Ho started breathing heavily. Instead of performing a final blow, he looked towards the direction that Catalina ran to.
The Spirit of the Dungeon answered for Catalina.
“Catalina captured the Imp!”

Yong-Ho was relieved.
Instead of sitting on the ground, he extended his hand out. It was to obtain the leader’s spirit.

<Elite #2> End.

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