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Dungeon Maker 25

by Chwiryong

Translated by jennchan | Edited by Sebas Tian

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Elite (1)

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<Elite #1>
Law of the Jungle.
Survival of the Fittest.
However, there isn’t just one supreme being.
There were six kings that ruled the large demon world.
Typically, one king ruled one dungeon.
However, that wasn’t a rule. It was just a typical case.
There are demon kings that rule several dungeons. They command the demons in those dungeons in order to have more power.
And the six demon kings were already ruling over 10 dungeons.
The southeast part of the demon world.
The King of Gluttony, who also ruled over one of the seven territories, had several dungeons as well.
They commanded 43 owners and had 60 dungeons.
“It’s beautiful.”
The King of Gluttony spoke. It was a deep and rough voice.
He was massive.
Their height was about three meters. Under the shoulders that looked like castle walls, there were two long arms that touched the ground. Their arms were so big that they could be compared to a spire or a pillar.
Because their jaw was well-developed, it looked similar to a trapezoid. The teeth that were shown whenever they spoke looked similar to a shark’s.
The King of Gluttony slightly opened his eyes. They raised their head that had six horns and observed the spirit that was in front of him. A wide, white fabric that enveloped their purple skin fluttered.

In front of the king, a large monster bowed their head politely. They were so big that they were over 20 meters tall, making the room look small.

It was a dragon.
Among the undead spirits, they were considered to be one of the highest ranked spirit.
The actual body of the dragon was so large that when it spread its wings and started flying, it felt like its body was going to cover the entire sky.
“It’s a relief that you’re satisfied.”
A brown-colored Incubus that was wearing a black suit had a warm smile on their face. They were responsible for the trade that happened between the dungeon shop and the King of Gluttony.
Gluttony spoke again.

“Their body seems strong as well. What kind of dragon was it again? If it’s this big, then blue? Or red?”
“It’s red. They’re one of the many that has the King of Violence’s blood flowing within them.”

“Oh, so they’re his descendant.”
“They’re the fourth generation. I don’t know about other things, but when it comes to their body and physical strength, it’s safe to assume that they’re the descendant of the King of Violence.”
The King of Violence was one of the demon kings that ruled the demon world.
They were one of the kings that had superhuman strength and out of the dragons that existed within the demon world, they were known to be the strongest.
“It seems like they’re still not interested in their descendants.”
“If they had to take care of all of their descendants, then they’ll have to take care of over 20. On top of that, they’re currently resting so it can’t be helped.”
The King of Gluttony was also in the same position when it came to not showing interest. It’s because direct descendants will be separated into a different group anyways.
The reason why the King of Gluttony was disappointed was simple. They didn’t like the King of Violence. Their existence made them feel uncomfortable.
The kings represented the Seven Deadly Sins and also had superhuman abilities
Only those that had both are able to really reign over the demon world.
In that case, isn’t it a requirement to possess one of the sins in order to fight over the dominance of the demon world?

The King of Violence.
They weren’t part of the Seven Deadly Sins. They just had an ability that the other kings had.
The King of Gluttony had a frown on their face to express their discomfort and looked at the dragon again. After thinking about their descendant becoming their spirit, it made them feel a bit better.
“What happened to purchasing the Death Knight and the Elder Lich that I mentioned before?”
“Since you wanted the transaction to be done discreetly, it will take more time. Since there aren’t a lot of high-ranked spirits, there are those that are sensitive to the quantity.”

The six kings are currently standing against each other and transaction details of high-ranked spirits can be important to them.
The King of Gluttony stroked the gauntlet that was on their left hand, which provided one of the superhuman ability. They didn’t like how long it took, but in order to continue with their current plan they needed time.
‘The south is empty.’

It was the area that the great King of Greed, Mammon, took care of. Right now, it was just a bare land that didn’t have much.
But they weren’t planning on taking it. There were over 20 dungeons there and even though they were weak, each of the dungeons had owners.
They couldn’t go there since they were the king. If they did, then the other kings would definitely stand up and go against them.
But what if someone else dominated the empty land in the south? And what if that someone dominated that land and devoted themselves to the King of Gluttony?
All the different situations that can occur during that process.
They needed to come up with a plan to handle those situations and to surprise the other kings. The dragon that was in front of him was just the start of his plan.
“I’ll wait.”
The king spoke softly and the Incubus showed their respect.
The dragon bowed its head and didn’t move.

“Let’s go that way!”


Jon and Ron both answered after Yong-Ho shouted. Instead of wielding a bamboo spear, they wielded a sword and shield. Beside them were two Goblins, Yon and Joon, who specialized in agility and intellect.
Instead of fighting on their own, the four Goblins gathered and were in formation.
Since Ron specialized in stamina, they held a shield and were in charge of defense, while Jon used an axe to attack since they specialized in strength. Yon specialized in agility so they used a long lance to attack any openings and Joon directed the other Goblins since they were intelligent

They formed a team that used their specialized skills.

Yong-Ho called the Goblins the Heavenly Guardian of the Goblins and Goblin Ranger. Yong-Ho was satisfied by how they were fighting against the Crazy Ants and turned his attention elsewhere.

Skull now had a shield and was even wearing armor and they were continuously beating the Crazy Ants. Evolving it from a Skeleton Soldier to a Skeleton Warrior was a good idea because they were fighting pretty well. Before, it seemed like they were just swinging the hammer around, but now, it seemed like they planned their every move.

It’s been four days since they reclaimed Kaiwan’s armory.
Thanks to his mana developing, he had a lot more mana and just developing the dungeon didn’t satisfy him.
He evolved the Goblins, Catalina and even Skull, who was now known as the dungeon’s ace.

Reclaiming the mine with their current strength was impossible. That’s why Yong-Ho rushed in to gain experience.
Instead of going into the mine, he stayed around it and hunted the Crazy Ants and Slimes.
‘It decreases the number of enemies and I get experience from it.’

Training helped him gain experience, but not as much as an actual battle.
‘It would’ve been nice if I can obtain a spirit.’
Unfortunately, it was difficult to obtain a spirit from a Crazy Ant or a Slime. It was because both of the dungeon monsters didn’t have a lot of mana, but more importantly, there was a big difference between them and Yong-Ho.
‘Even if they were part of the same family, if there’s a big difference, you won’t be able to obtain their spirit. In order to become stronger, you have take down an opponent that’s similar to you or stronger and absorb their spirit.’
Yong-Ho remembered what Catalina told him and turned his attention elsewhere. He saw Catalina fighting a group of Crazy Ants and Ant Soldiers that appeared. Yong-Ho activated the Power of Evolution.
   [Name : Catalina (F)
   [Race : Half Succubus, Half Dark Elf]
   [Class : Spirit (Mid-Rank)]
   [Main Elements : Wind / Darkness | Secondary Elements : Lightning / Water / Earth] 
   [Main Stats : Succubus - Charm / Mana | Dark Elf - Agility / Courage]
   [Development Rate : 99/100]
   [Succubus : Charm Level 0 | ★★★ (3)] -> [Development route opened]
   [Dark Elf : Agility Level 2 | ★★★☆ (3.5)] -> [Development route opened]
   [Hybrid Level 0 | ★★★☆ (3.5)] -> [Development route will open once it has been evolved]
   [Succubus : Mana Level 0 | ★★★☆ (3.5)] -> [Development route opened]
   [Dark Elf : Courage Level 1 | ★★★ (3)] -> [Development route opened]
   [Succubus] / [Shadow Elf]
Just from seeing her information, it felt like he should evolve her right now.
Out of the five categories, development routes were open for four of them.
There were two different development routes.
‘Anything related to the Succubus will evolve them into a Succubus and those related to the Dark Elf will evolve them into a Shadow Elf.’
The Power of Evolution wasn’t perfect yet. Every time Yong-Ho became stronger, that skill became stronger as well and a new category is revealed each time.
‘The level for those related to the Succubus are all zero. But the development routes are open...that probably means that she’ll evolve from being a half Succubus to a full Succubus.’
In that sense, it was difficult to say that it was an actual development. It would’ve been better if the Dark Elf developed into a totally different being.
Which side was he going to choose?
This was Yong-Ho’s first concern, but not now. It’s because there was a category that made him continuously worry.
It was the only one where the development route wasn’t open.
What would happen if she was developed into a hybrid? What kind of development route would appear?

Catalina was a mix between a Succubus and a Dark Elf. In that case, instead of developing her into one of those race, wouldn’t it be better to keep both and use their advantages?
‘The problem is that I’m not sure about anything.’
He couldn’t just evolve her, hoping for the best.
Like how games require more experience points the more you level up, the development rate increased as well. The number still remained at 100, but it required a lot more experience in order to fill one point.
He also couldn’t ignore the fact that depending on the development, the development potential of a route changes as well.
If it was a game character, he could refer to websites and get help or test it out with the thought that he’s getting a new character.
‘I should ask her about it.’

Even though she was a spirit that belonged to the dungeon, she had her own character. She wasn’t dumber than the Goblins or had trouble communicating like Skull, so it was best to go with whatever she wanted.
After taking down the Ant Soldiers, that’s when he’ll talk. It seemed like the development rate was going to reach 100 anyways.
After making up his mind, Yong-Ho waved his finger in the air and create a window of light that contained the dungeon’s map. A dungeon stats window was created in order to see it all at once and it displayed the spirits’ condition.
Catalina, Skull and the Goblins were fighting against the Crazy Ants along with Yong-Ho.
Treant and the Kobolds were training in front of the demon king’s room.
The salamander and Eligor were hunting outside of the dungeon.
There were already 13 spirits. Compared to when he started out with three members, the amount of food and mana consumption couldn’t be compared.

‘It’s better to start off with a few.’
He couldn’t increase the amount of spirits.
He had to improve their power.
It was better to create a small group and target the gold mine!

‘Hm, a few.’
Even though it wasn’t enough to call it a troop, it didn’t matter. There was a certain romance and stylishness to the word, few.
‘It would be great if a similar level monster  appeared now to help gain experience.’
They can increase their development rate and acquire a spirit.
Yong-Ho laughed because he even thought that it was a selfish system.
And in that moment.
“An intruder appeared in the dungeon!”
The Spirit of the Dungeon shouted and Yong-Ho quickly rolled his eyes. Catalina was catching her breath after taking down the Ant Soldiers and their eyes met.
It was only for a short moment.
Yong-Ho and Catalina turned around at the same time. Skull and the Goblins did the same thing.
All of them started running towards the throne room.
<Elite #1> End.

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