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Max Level Newbie 107

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Showing off the money (3)

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* * *


‘There was a reason why this place was known to be the best.’


Because so many praised the place, Vulcan didn’t even bother going anywhere else, and it looked like he made the right choice.

Initially, Vulcan didn’t think he could buy the entire list of ingredients from one place.

There were so many types of ingredients. Also, he needed many of each.

So, he was thinking he should go around every store in Espo City. However, he didn’t need to anymore.


‘I was thinking about asking individual peoples in Act 2 if I don’t get them all from the stores, but I saved a huge amount of time now.’


Vulcan felt great. With light steps, he went back to a room he reserved at a inn.

He then opened the inventory and brought out the book called ‘Body Enhancement Secret Technique.’

He glanced at the content. Not only did it have details of dissections of human body, it had all sorts of research drawings and technique’s theories and their fundamental basis and instructions on how to carry out the process. The book was full of such details.

Vulcan shook his head and closed it.


‘I have no idea what any of these means.’


From Beruneru, Vulcan diligently studied magic at a time. However, Vulcan was completely ignorant when it came to such procedures.

If he was to understand the contents of the book, he would have needed to hire a good teacher and dedicate himself on the study for a long time.

However, Vulcan was no ordinary man.

He had absolutely no reason to walk such a difficult path.


‘I don’t think the effect will improve even if I understood these perfectly anyway.’


Vulcan carefully placed the thick book above the bed.

He then poured out the countless ingredients he purchased from Pao.

Each and every one of the ingredients were strange and disgusting looking. Vulcan had no idea what they were for. Such items covered the bed. Afterwards, a notification from the SYSTEM popped up.


[You acquired all ingredients needed for Legendary-rate Skill – The Body Enhancement Secret Technique.]

[Would you like to proceed with the secret technique?]



There was zero chance of failure. Also, there was no negative side effects for acquiring the skill.

Vulcan had no reason to ponder about this.

Without hesitation, he pressed the yes button.




Just like when Vulcan upgraded the Heavenly Lightning Blade with the strengthening stone, the ingredients needed for the body enhancement started to exude bright light.

After that, they swirled around, and soon, they clumped up into one. They became a sphere of light.

The light red colored sphere of light felt like a beating heart.

It made Vulcan’s heart also pound and feel excited.

Vulcan wondered if this would be it if so called ‘life force’ could be expressed visually.

The light sphere was mysterious. It gradually increased in size until it grew to the size of a human head. It then approached Vulcan’s heart.

Vulcan flinched for a moment. However, he relaxed soon and accepted it with eased mind.

After that, there were sounds of notifications.


Tiiii ring~


[Legendary-rate Skill – Body Enhancement Secret Technique was successful!]

[Your body’s abilities were strengthened.]

[Your combat mastery increased from S to SS.]

[Your weapon mastery increased from S to SS.]

[Your defense mastery increased from B to A.]

[Your evasion mastery increased from S to SS.]


“… Huk.”


The sounds of notifications after the other made Vulcan feel dizzy. He screamed quietly.

The body enhancement was a success. Vulcan should be happy about his strengthened body. However, he was not able to express it.

It was because he was absolutely shocked by the increase in passive skills. They were a lot more than he ever imagined.

Vulcan’s heart pounded loudly. His mind was at a disarray.

Vulcan plummeted at the bed. Soon, he lay down there completely.

He tried to organize his thoughts.


‘I never knew it would be this much… Wait. Is it because they were all at the brink of ranking up?’


He figured that must have been the reason.

Although Vulcan called the 100 year labor as just a grinding, they were still combat.

So, it seemed that his combat, weapon, evasion masteries were all at the top end of the S rank.


In that state, the body enhancement technique was completed successfully, and all passive skills broke through the walls and jumped up.


‘As for defense… Well, I avoid more than blocking, and I strike first more than avoiding, so…”


Vulcan didn’t care much about defense’s mastery rank.

However, Vulcan was a little disappointed that his magic mastery didn’t go up.

Still, that was just a small disappointment. Vulcan was extremely satisfied with the result of the process.


“All right.”


Vulcan’s face was full of smiles. Full of energy, he got up and quickly left the inn.

A great fortune had come for Vulcan. It had been a long time since such had happened the last time. Vulcan was excited about this.

Also, that was not the end.

As Vulcan headed to his next destination, he directed his gaze at the Strengthened Heavenly Lightning Blade that was sleeping soundly at his sheath.


‘If I strengthen it once again, what would happen to the name? Heavenly Lightning Blade That was Strengthened Twice? Heavenly Lightning Blade +2?’


He had no way of knowing.


“I’ll get to find out.”


Vulcan muttered in exhilarating voice as he quickly walked to the blacksmith shop.


* * *


“Yes, Sir. If you would like to request repair on your equipment, please write your name here and place the equipment over there. You must prepay for the repair, and please come back a week later to retrieve the equipment.”


After seeing the man who stood in front of him, the pupil at the blacksmith shop recited the lines as if he was an answering machine.

It was because 999 out of 1000 people who came to the shop were seeking repairs on their equipment.

However, the man shook his head as if he was trying to say that repair was not the goal.

Wondering what it was, the pupil asked,


“You are not here for repairs? By any chance, are you here to manufacture an item?”


It seemed the pupil was surprised.

The blacksmith shop at Espo City was run by Parkers, the God of Blacksmith.

Because the god himself was going to make the equipment, the qualities of the product was obviously going to be top notch. Also, the cost was astronomical, beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

The shop charged little for repairs for the sake of the residents. However, Parkers was worried about too many requests if he also charged little for manufacturing items as well.

Regardless of reasons, because there weren’t many people who could afford such a high price, the pupil was showing such a response.


‘However, his quota is already full.’


Of course, even with the high price tag, there were people who gathered up all of their money from the life savings and requested weapon manufacturing.

There weren’t just a few. There were a lot of such people that Parkers could not ignore their numbers.

So, because Parkers hated bothersome work so much, he limited the number of manufacturing work to 30 per month. Now, the quota was already full for the month.

The pupil was going to open his mouth to apologize to Vulcan.

However, Vulcan spoke first.


“No. I’m here to upgrade my equipment.”

“… Pardon?”


The pupil leaned in as if he didn’t understand.

So, Vulcan repeated himself with a more clear pronunciation.


“I’m here to upgrade my equipment. This blade and five armors set. There are six in total. Please call God Parkers.”


Vulcan was full of confidence and allowances.

Looking at the man, the pupil cringed slightly. A few who were watching this also showed responses.


“What’s that guy doing? Is he a newbie?”

“Looking at his forehead, I don’t think he is a newbie… He must have heard that strengthening can be done at the blacksmith shop.”

“Still, it looks like he didn’t hear the important part? Did they not tell him about the price tag too?”

“I don’t know. Maybe someone told him about this without the price tag just to mess with him. What a horrible practical joke.”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

However, it was only obvious why they were reacting this way. They knew the high cost of the procedure.

To strengthen one equipment, it cost 10 million Aus.

Parkers said ‘it is far easier to make a new equipment than messing with a pre-existing equipment to improve it,’ so the price tag was jaw droopingly high.

In other words, Parkers was saying ‘I’m not interested in strengthening equipment, so do not ask anymore.’ It was a warning of a kind.


‘Why did God Parkers put such a ridiculous price tag on it…’


The pupil sighed over and over inside.


‘If he didn’t want to do it, he should just tell people that he doesn’t want to strengthen equipment. Why did he place such an absurd price tag on it?’


Because of this, newbies who were misinformed or others who didn’t know much about things kept on coming to shop to ask for strengthening.

The pupil sighed.


‘I feel bad to tell him such a price tag, but… It is my job, so it cannot be helped.’


To tell Vulcan the cost, the pupil looked at him and opened his mouth.

However, again, Vulcan was faster.



Thump thump thump thump thump


Inventories opened in mid air, and six gigantic treasure chests dropped from there.

Like a robot who just lost power, the pupil was petrified.

Like that, he just had his eyes wide open and gazed at the treasure chests. With leisurely attitude, Vulcan opened one of them.

Waves of brilliant gold coins inside the chest poured out and made the pupil’s eyes feel dizzy.


“Here is 60 million Aus.”


“Please call God Parkers.”


Everyone around fell to silence as if they were dead mice.

It seemed everyone was shocked. They were not able to say anything. They just stared at the treasure chests.

However, that was only for a moment.


After about five seconds, everyone started to talk to each other loudly. The conversations spread quickly like a wildfire.


“What the? Is that really 60 million?”

“Is that fake?”

“You crazy dumbass. He even called God Parkers. Do you think it is fake?”

“Huk. Now that I look at him… it is that guy?”


“You know. A few days ago, there was a man who listed several hundreds of A rank items at the auction. That guy!”


“I wondered how much he made. 60 million… He made 60 million. It is unbelievable…”


The ruckus was endless. Others who became curious started to gather to the blacksmith shop as well.

After that, they found the incredible amount of money there and dropped their jaws.

Some said the man was just showing off his money like a jackass. Some argued that a man could choose to do this if he had strong attachments for the equipment. Such arguments started, and the pupil was standing in middle of all this chaos. He didn’t know what to do.

Vulcan panicked a little after seeing the situation unfolding like this.

The envious and jealous gazes of the people were focused on him. They were almost making him feel the burn on his skin.

However, he wasn’t just feeling the discomfort from the gaze. Vulcan also felt the excitement that he never felt before in his life.

The discomfort and excitement were there at the same time. Vulcan had a faint smile on his face.


‘Is this the taste of money?’


Vulcan wondered he might get addicted to it.

He escaped his useless thoughts and urged the pupil.


“Excuse me. I’m sorry, but could you please call him soon? I feel uncomfortable with all these gazes.”

“Ah! Yes.”


Vulcan was showing the natural attitude of someone who had things.

The pupil was dazed by that majestic attitude of Vulcan. He panicked, got up and tried to go straight into the shop.

However, he was not able to finish what he set out to do this time either.


“You must be Vulcan?”


Before he was called, Parkers, the God of Blacksmith, came out.

The pupil opened his eyes so wide after seeing Parkers that it looked like his eyes might tear.

Parkers found it bothersome to even just walk around, so he just lied around on his bed for almost 20 hours a day. He also didn’t even glance at most things.

However, he moved before even being called for.


‘Is the world going insane?’


Stunned, the pupil stood between Parkers and Vulcan.

Vulcan spoke, and the pupil got a grip all of the sudden. He then stepped aside to a corner.


“Yes. I’m Vulcan, but… How did you know my name?”

“Hm. You earned a lot of money.”


He didn’t even respond to the question. Instead, Parkers walked to the treasure chests.

He didn’t even bother to count the money. He just opened his pocket and swept all of the money, Duke Demon Armors set and the Strengthened Heavenly Lightning Blade. Parkers looked at Vulcan and said,


“Follow me.”


“Follow me in to the shop.”

“… Yes.”


Vulcan saw that Parkers didn’t even look back. He just walked into the shop in grumpy steps. Vulcan just watched him.


‘The look on his eyes, there’s something more to this?’


To say he came out to accept performing the strengthening for Vulcan, the mood was too different from what he expected.

It seemed as if Parkers had something else to discuss. Looking at Parkers, Vulcan tilted his head to the side.


‘Well, I’ll know when I follow him into the shop.’


Vulcan entered the blacksmith shop.

Watching this, after the man disappeared, they started to talk about this in even louder voices. The pupil, with dumbfounded face, went back to his spot and prepared to do his work.

He looked like half of his soul was hanging outside of his body. The pupil muttered,


“What just happened?”


* * *


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