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Max Level Newbie 103

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Deus Ex Machina (2)

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The attack was of completely different caliber from the Thunder God Blade technique that Vulcan used earlier.

Unlike the last time, which was relatively lacking in power due to Vulcan’s focus on stealth, the attack contained incredible energy.

Swinging the blade, Vulcan desperately hoped,


‘Please die!’


Vulcan held out and held out some more and barely obtained this opportunity.

He was most definitely going to have a significant drop in his chance of victory if he let this one go to waste.

So, Vulcan desperately hoped Fowaru would quietly die.

He hoped Fowaru’s head would be split in half and he would never get back up.

However, Fowaru’s resistance was beyond Vulcan’s wildest imagination.





First, there were sounds of Fowaru’s barriers being shattered.

They were the sounds that Vulcan wanted.

However, what came after heartlessly betrayed Vulcan’s hope. It was an unpleasant sound.

Vulcan ignored the numbing shock on the hand from the reaction of the collision. Instead, he confirmed what it was that stopped his attack.

Vulcan furrowed his brows.


‘A shield?’


There was a shield protruding from the top of Fowaru’s head. The shield was about half broken. Vulcan was dumbfounded. However, Act 2 was full of such beings that defied common sense.

Vulcan quickly got over the shock of seeing such a strange thing and swung his blade again.

He made a Destructive Core and launched it toward Fowaru’s waist. With his left hand, Vulcan even summoned Baloc’s whip and swung it at Fowaru’s lower body.

His attacks were result of Vulcan’s fear that he won’t be able to turn the tide back to his for attack if he lost this chance. However, in the end, Vulcan’s moves made things worse.






Due to a brief moment of panic, Vulcan’s movement was stiff, and there was a gap in his defense.

Fowaru was shocked from being struck by the Thunder God Blade at his head. However, he instinctively caught that brief moment of opportunity and started attacking a step sooner than Vulcan.

A shockwave was launched from Fowaru’s mouth. Vulcan received heavy damage and was thrown to the distance. Instead of looking at where Vulcan was being thrown off to, Fowaru used the shockwave to neutralize the Destructive Core, and then he jumped up to the air to escape the Superheated Inferno’s range.


‘I still think this flame is getting on my nerve.’


Fowaru was not sure exactly how it was getting on his nerve. However, he instinctively realized it would be of a great disadvantage for him to fight inside the Superheated Inferno.

Although taking the time to get out of the range meant giving Vulcan the time to recover from the damage, Fowaru thought it was not a bad trade if he could safely get over this inferno.

While leisurely floating in the air, Fowaru started to paste potion on to his forehead. Vulcan was going to throw counters if Fowaru came at him. However, now Vulcan couldn’t do anything but drinking a potion.

Like that, a moment passed, and the flame of the Superheated Inferno subsided.

Fowaru looked like he was full of confidence. Meanwhile, Vulcan looked like he was about to die. The looks on their faces contrasted.

Vulcan placed his left hand at his stomach where he was struck by the shockwave.

Thanks to the Demon Duke Set armor, the damage was not as substantial as Vulcan thought it would be. However, it was going to take a while before Vulcan could recover.

Of course, Fowaru didn’t give that kind of time for Vulcan.

Fowaru looked even more devilish than Balgeram. Fowaru was charging toward Vulcan. With everything he got, Vulcan cast magic, and the battle resumed.

However, the outcome of battle was already decided.

All of Vulcan’s most powerful attacks were defeated one after the other. Vulcan no longer had any power left to win against Fowaru.

Step by step, Fowaru was cornering Vulcan. Like a sinking ship, Vulcan lost strength.

Eventually, Vulcan allowed yet another strike.




”Kuu…. Huurrrk!”


Struck by Fowaru’s fist, Vulcan was sent off flying through the sky in an arc.

He survived because Fowaru adjusted down his strength. If Fowaru swung his fist at his full strength, Vulcan’s flesh would have been spread all over to the area like a firework that exploded in the midnight sky.

Vulcan’s internal organs were damaged. He was constantly coughing out blood. Looking at Vulcan’s condition, Fowaru said,


“Watching you struggling in pain is making even me feel bad. Why didn’t you just listen to me from the beginning?”

“Kuuuhuuur, Kuk. Go to hell… Kuuuuluk!”


Vulcan was faltering and shaking. Still, he opened his hand and flipped up his middle finger toward Fowaru.

Fowaru didn’t know the exact meaning of his gesture. However, watching it really spoiled his mood.

He clashed his teeth loudly and said,


“Well, fine. You won’t be able to curse at me for the rest of your life after taking the Elixir of Servitude.”


Fowaru walked leisurely toward Vulcan. Fowaru looked leisurely as if he was just taking a stroll.

Watching the belittling smile on Fowaru, Vulcan thought…


‘Why couldn’t I be calmer? Why didn’t I make safer choices? After getting out of the Lava Demon Cave after 100 years, was I too excited to have the power of Enlightened God summon? If I was just a little more calm and brutally logical…’


Having thought this far, Vulcan stopped half way while coughing and smiled.


‘Fuck, it would be weird if I was calm.’


Vulcan was aware that he was not a careful person to begin with.

He put in great efforts into doing things in efficient manner. However, there were always weak points. He tried his best to make intelligent choices, but the end results were never satisfactory.

Since he fell to the Rubel continent and until now, things were always like that.

It was impossible for Vulcan to expect himself to suddenly act like one of those brutally logical and intelligent people.


‘Enough of useless regrets.’


Vulcan closed his eyes.

He looked like he had given up on everything. He no longer had any powers engaged around his body.

He would have been mistaken for a dead person if it was not for involuntary coughs of blood.

Of course, Vulcan didn’t lose all will to resist.

At the moment when Fowaru was going to force him to eat the Elixir of Servitude, Vulcan was intending to deal his final attack against Fowaru with everything he had.


‘That bastard cannot kill me… I should try everything I can to resist to the end.’


Vulcan felt like a lone soldier who was standing against a hundred thousand men army. Like that, he waited for Fowaru to come toward him.


“What the, did you give up? I see, you made a wise choice.”


Fowaru smiled.

He looked very happy.

The tips of his mouth were hanging almost below his ears to reflect Fowaru’s mood.

He was hoping for this moment for the past 130 years ever since he first saw Vulcan.

Although it was delayed substantially due to weird flies and Vulcan going off the grid for a long time, but in the end, the important thing was that Fowaru achieved his goal.


“All right. All right.”


Everything was great.

Fowaru looked excited like a child who got a lot of money from the grandparents during the new year. He walked toward Vulcan.

However, Vulcan was not the only one with tough luck today.




A spear of light that was about three meters in length came flying toward Fowaru at a fearsome speed.

The speed was incredible and unlike anything he had ever seen. Shocked, Fowaru moved out of the spear’s trajectory. However, the spear turned smoothly and targeted him again.

Fowaru ground his teeth and created a barrier.

After that, the spear obliterated all of his barriers, which were several dozens of layers, and struck Fowaru in the stomach.







Making long scratches on the ground with his feet, Fowaru was pushed back for a while.

Thanks to the shield that came up on his stomach, Fowaru was saved from the disgraceful state of losing balance and falling over on his butt. However, the blood from his mouth indicated that he was dealt a substantial damage.

Absolutely stunned, Fowaru looked at his stomach again and observed where the spear of light came from.

There was a human who was wielding a sword that was as gigantic as a human being.

Fowaru saw that white light was focusing on the sword. That made Fowaru’s face turn pale.


“This is… Fuck…”




At an incredible speed like the last time, the spear of light came at Fowaru.

Fowaru gathered up all of his strength and created barriers over one hundred layers thick. The light collided with them and created unpleasant noises.






Unlike earlier, Fowaru barely managed to successfully defend himself.

However, over 90 layers were destroyed, and there were shocks.

Fowaru felt his entire body aching as he wondered who this unidentified man was.


‘Just who are you! According to Oracle’s information… there wasn’t anyone with such power…’


There were countless people who targeted Vulcan.

Of them all, Fowaru was aware of groups like the Seven Demons or the Bae Su Jin which were more powerful than him.

However, they were more powerful because they were groups. Fowaru believed that no single individual could match his own power.

He thought that even before consuming the Demon Duke’s boots. Now that he absorbed the power of the items’ powers, Fowaru believed there was nobody left who could be compared to him.

However, now, there was a man in the distance who was shooting spears of light through his gigantic sword. The man’s power was… definitely not below himself.


‘Fuck… What should I do? I can’t win… I cannot…’


Fowaru cursed and cursed inside.

The look on Fowaru’s face was in disarray like a defeated soldier on the run from horseback riding cavalry.

It was because Fowaru was losing confidence rapidly.

Lately, after absorbing the demon energies, he became more instinctive and simpler in his thoughts. So, as soon as an opponent he could not beat entered the battle, Fowaru lowered his tail immediately.

Foawru glanced at Vulcan’s side. He was still on the ground and unable to get up.

Fowaru thrown away the thought of fighting the mystery man a long time ago.

However, Vulcan was a fish that was almost caught. Fowaru was extremely frustrated about losing him like this, especially after having waited so long for this.


‘If I have Vulcan, I will be able to feel the powerful taste of the items I felt a hundred years ago! … Should I run over there quickly, grab him, and then run?’


The overflowing greed and desire to feed turned up their heads again.

Fowaru looked like a terrified puppy, but now he looked confounded.

However, the agonizing thoughts didn’t last long.

Another bright ray of light was exuded from the man’s sword. When the third spear of light was generated, Fowaru had no choice but to stop rolling his brain for petty schemes.


“Uuu…. Uuuuaaaaa!”


Screaming like an idiot, Fowaru turned away and escaped from the battlefield.

The spear of light came flying toward his back. Choking in fear, he turned around, constantly took steps back and shot shockwaves.




The spear of light continued to shatter Fowaru’s shockwaves and approached him. Having realized this, Fowaru formed barriers again. When the spear and the barriers collided, he used the reaction to fly off as far as he could.




Fowaru was not able to stop all of the shock. Thick stream of blood came out of Fowaru’s mouth.

However, he was able to draw a great distance from the battlefield as he hoped. Despite his condition, he didn’t even look back. Fowaru ran away using his maximum speed.

The man wielding the gigantic sword clicked his tongue once and gave up chasing after Fowaru.

In the end, the man’s top priority was protecting Vulcan.

Now that he achieved that goal, he didn’t think it was too bad to let fowaru escape.

The man came toward Vulcan as fast as he could. He was relatively slower than Fowaru or Vulcan. It was surprising given that the man repeatedly used a technique that made even Fowaru to retreat.

Eventually, the man reached Vulcan.

From the pocket on his waist, the man brought out a potion and tried to hand it over to Vulcan.

However, Vulcan refused the man’s generosity.


“Thank you, but it’s all right. I already drank potions.”

Huh, really? Yet your body is still in shambles like that?”

“I had been drinking repeatedly, so… its effectiveness was reduced.”

“I see… That bastard looked incredibly tough. He looked just like Mr. Fowaru, but the aura felt from him was like facing an ancient demon.”

“That was Fowaru.”

“Huh? That was Fowaru?”

“Yes. I’ll explain that later. I would like to say this first.”


Vulcan struggled to move his upper body. He forced it to rise and said in sincere attitude,


“Mr. Phantaero, thank you for saving me.”

“Haha. I told you I’ll definitely show you the Holy Sword when I find it, didn’t I? I merely came to keep the promise.”


[Phantaero, the Brave Hero of Hegatus who Obtained the Holy Sword in His Hand]

[765Lv(+ 200)]


Phantaero was wielding a gigantic sword that shined brilliantly.

The man scratched the back of his head as if he was feeling a little awkward for being thanked.

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